The influence on packaging in gaining more customers

Packaging products and goods is not a new concept. As a matter of fact, the idea of packaging existed as far as 1200BC. But during this period the purpose of packaging was to preserve its content for a long period of time in order for the product to be given enough time to be sold, it had no other purpose.

Over time the methods of preservation evolved and materials used for packaging changed to more flexible materials where artists could draw artworks on them. This factor became an opportunity for companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Packaging today is a key tool in creating enough curiosity in the eyes of potential clients, by designing it to be strikingly different from others. Anything that is different is always noticed.

When your product is new in the market, the weapon of choice to get customers interested is by designing your package to be aesthetically more appealing in the eyes of your target audience, than that of your competitors. This is what will attract potential customers to try the product. 

Ignoring the design aspect of your product will make it very difficult for people to be interested enough to make a purchase.

β€œIn order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” β€” Coco Chanel

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