What makes people to pay attention to what you are offering?

We live in an era were information travels massively especially with the rise of social media and the internet. consumers are constantly bombarded with content, information and adverts. This is making it difficult for a business to be noticed in this flood of information especially when consumers perceive them as similar. Standing out in this case is very important.

Seth Gordin brought out a concept in his book of the same name Purple Cow. The concept illustrates how a consumer reacts to information using an example which goes as follows: Someone drives by and sees a heard of Cows, it will not matter much because its the usual but if one day the same person drives by the same heard of Cows and notice that among the heard there is a purple cow. it will immediately pick his or her interest. Why?, because it is unusual, so unusual that he or she might inform other people.

how does the purple cow concept apply in advertising your product or service? This simply says that communicating your brand or product in an unusual way always grabs the attention of people.

One of the most powerful ways to do that is though graphics

As on the image attached to this post, coca cola used a graphic element found on its bottle and designed it to look like a hand indicating to the public where to throw their garbage for recycling as a way to portray his involvement in the Eco movement

Graphic design makes it possible to communicate creatively and make the audience connect with your brand emotionally. As i wrote in my previous article, making a product delightful to look at increases your chances of making sales. same too with adverts, making your adverts creative and advert delightful to contemplate, grabs the attention of customers.

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