What customers really care about

Consumers today want to have an emotional connection with the product they buy and the company who provide them. They want to feel like you care about them having a great experience or achieving the goals that matter to them.


How then can you communicate your brand in a way customers can perceive the experience you offer and what you stand for? lets learn from one of the biggest companies operating in Cameroon and around the world.


Orange is one of the leading Telecom companies in the country, Even-though operating in a fiercely competitive environment with the likes of MTN, Orange and Nexttel, Camtel and Yoomee; they still make good business.


Orange Cameroon is building its business around one key idea (equally their mission as a company) which is meeting customers essential needs. Meaning helping customers in achieving what matters to them most. They try to identify those things that matter in the life of their customers and later position their product as a solution. This is aimed at making their prospects and consumers feel that Orange cares about them more than just to making sales.


For example, settling bills on time, assisting one’s parents financially and being able to stay in touch with love ones can be what matters in life. Orange now positions all his products as a means to assist in meeting up with these needs. Naturally, anyone with these needs will feel connected to a company like Orange because they provide him with the tools he needs to achieve all the goals that matters. That is why on their communication campaigns and ads, Orange usually portray the image of someone doing something he or she loves, using one of their products. As you can see on some of the ads below they are more focus on the person and how he or she can achieve what matters to them.

This bring us to this point. Always design your adverts and communication campaign to reflect what a person or an organization can achieve by using your product or services, rather than just talking about how cool you are. The needs of your prospects should be what drives your business 

Because at the end what customers care about is how your product can make their lives better. If you cannot make them see that, they will see no reason not to buy from your competitor instead of you.

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