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Vemisao is a consumer electronics dealership based in Cameroon. They sell a large variety of electronic equipment such as mobile phones, Computers, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and electronic accessories. The owner of the business wants to take his business to greater heights, so making a modern logo for him was a good start.

From the sessions i had the client, we established that the logo should reflect in a way his principal business values which are; Quality, Care and Satisfaction.

After some research, sketching and designing, we came up with 3 solutions and after deliberations with members of the team and some adjustments we settled with this logo.

The V on the Vemisao is made to look like a double tick to which stands for quality and to make the logo look less intimidating and approachable we went with the color orange.

Black and white version of the logo

 And I’m glad the client is happy with the result.

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