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Education is the fuel for growth in the life of an individual, be it in his or her professional life or personal relationships. The challenge here is to find the right knowledge you need in order to grow in the aspect you care about and to find the right person to impact you with the knowledge you desire.


Oluevent is a platform that act as a middle grown for those who seek to acquire new skills but don’t have the time or the resources to go to a conventional school, and those who have some particular skills and are willing to teach. The primary target audience for this platform are young professionals and businessmen who want to acquire skills that will enable them to step in the next level.

The objective was to feel professional, solid and simple. And to represent, in a way, what the platform is all about. Which is bringing together both students and instructors in a platform where they can interact. 

We opted for 2 puzzle pieces modified to form a circle and an E in the negative space between them. The circular shape of the logo stands for the “O” for Olu and the “E” for event

The Logo

Black and white versions

Business cards

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